September 24th, 2022 Pennsylvania is Raising SNAP Income Limits by 20%

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About the Change

In Pennsylvania, those applying for food stamps (SNAP) only need to meet an income test: there is no asset test.

Previously in PA the SNAP eligibility income limit was 160% of the Federal Poverty Level for most households. On October 1st 2022, the state will increase this limit to 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. If your household has a member who is over 60 or has a disability, the income limit was already 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Here are the new income limits. In addition to Pennsylvania increasing the percentage of the Federal Poverty Level, the annual increase to the Federal Poverty Level baseline limits is also happening on October 1st, further increasing how much you can earn while still being eligible for SNAP benefits.

Income limits after October 1st 2022:

Household Size New Income Limit
1 $2266
2 $3052
3 $3840
4 $4626
5 $5412
6 $6200
7 $6986
Each additional person +$788

Income limits up until September 30th 2022:

Household Size Old Income Limit
1 $1718
2 $2323
3 $2928
4 $3534
5 $4139
6 $4744
7 $5350
Each additional person +$606
Here's the official source on this change (click 512: Categorical Eligibility, then go to section 1).

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