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Food Stamp Eligibility CalculatorCalculadora de elegibilidad de Cupones para Alimentos

In the map above, we have the SNAP benefit amounts by state for a household of 2 people with monthly income of $1800, $3000 in cash savings, $400 in monthly rent, and that pays heat, elecricity, and phone bills.

There are three eligibility tests for SNAP: the Gross Income test, the Net Income test, and the Asset test. While the baseline eligibility rules are set at a federal level, states can raise gross income limits, remove asset tests, and set utility allowance and other deduction amounts used to calculate net income—making it easier to pass the net income test.

The biggest variation in eligibility between states will often be whether or not the household is elgibile at all instead of significant variation in the dollar amount. States that have higher utility allotment amounts can give higher benefit amounts to those households eligible, as benefit amounts are dependent on households' net income. This map doesn't take into account any temporary increases to benefit amounts due to the pandemic.

Some states have some additional complexities in their SNAP elgibility rules. For this map, in New York and New Hampshire, the household has a dependent. For New York, the household is in New York City. For Alaska, the household is in Anchorage.

You can use the form below to edit the profile displayed in the map above. You can also use our 50 State SNAP Prescreener to see how we calculated these results.

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Your household is the people you live with and buy food with. Include children 21 or younger, parents, and spouses if they live with you. Su hogar es las personas con quienes usted vive y quienes compran comida con usted. Incluya a los hijos de 21 años o menores, padres y cónyuges si viven con usted.
Select which region of Alaska you live in. Not sure? Seleccione la región de Alaska en la que vive. ¿No lo se?
Select what type of city or village you live in. Not sure? Seleccione en qué tipo de ciudad o pueblo vive. ¿No lo se?
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Does your household include someone who is 60 or older, or someone who is disabled? ¿Su hogar incluye una persona que es de 60 años o mayor o alguien que está discapacitado? *required*requerido
This includes Social Security, disability, Child Support, Worker's Comp, Unemployment, Pension Income, or other sources of income. Esto incluye Seguro Social, discapacidad, manutención de menores, compensación al trabajador, desempleo, pensión u otras fuentes de ingresos.
This means countable resources, like funds in bank accounts. A home is not counted as a resource. Esto significa recursos contables, como los fondos en las cuentas bancarias. Una casa no se cuenta como un recurso.
This includes the costs of daycare, babysitters, or other child care; fees for before-school and after-school care; costs for special needs care. Esto incluye los gastos de guardería u otro cuidado de hijos; honorarios para el cuidado antes de la escuela y después de la escuela; los costos para los cuidados de necesidades especiales.
Which of the following utility bills do you pay? ¿Cuál de las siguientes facturas de servicios públicos usted paga?
Check utilities paid separately from your rent or mortgage. Check "Heating and Cooling" if you received a payment over $20 from an energy assistance program, such as LIHEAP. Seleccione las utilidades pagadas por separado de su alquiler o hipoteca. Marque "Calefacción y refrigeración" si ha recibido un pago de más de $20 de parte de un programa de asistencia de energía, tal y como LIHEAP.
Total utilities paid separately from your rent or mortgage. Include payments for heating and cooling, electricity, gas and fuel, water, sewage, trash, and phone. Total de las utilidades pagadas por separado de su alquiler o hipoteca. Incluye pagos por calefacción y refrigeración, electricidad, gas y combustible, agua, alcantarillado, basura, y teléfono.
Women, Infants, Children (WIC) Eligibility Elegibilidad de Mujeres, Bebés y Niños (Acrónimo Inglés: WIC)
Check if any of the members of the household are the following: Marque si alguno de los miembros del hogar es el siguiente: