How does SNAP Screener work?

While the federal government sets the main SNAP eligibility and SNAP benefit amount formula, states can adjust income limits, deduction amounts, asset limits, and other components of the SNAP eligibility formula.

This means that the same household with the same income and expenses could get $100 per month in one state, $150 per month in another state, and then determined "not eligible" for SNAP in a third state. In many cases eligibility and benefit amounts will be similar between states, but it's important to look your state rules as no two states have exactly the same rules in all cases.

This website SNAP Screener is unofficial and is not affiliated with any government organization or SNAP program. However, we have collected eligibility rules for all 50 states, D.C., Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands, so that you can get an estimated benefit amount specific to your state.

This page lists the main sources that we use to power our SNAP calculator and the data collected.

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Official SNAP Data Sources

In addition to federal data sources, some information is only available from state sources. In these cases, we refer to a state's SNAP policy handbook or website.

USDA SNAP Eligibility Rules

Federal SNAP eligibility rules. The USDA sets the maximum and minimum benefit amounts, standard deduction amounts, how deductions are factored into benefit amounts, and the main formula for SNAP benefits.

BBCE States

USDA compiled list of BBCE states, their Gross Income and Asset limits.

State Options Report

USDA compiled list of states' SNAP options, including more advanced deductions like child support treatment options and standard medical deductions.

Standard Utility Allowances

USDA compiled list of states' utility deductions.

SNAP Screener Compiled State SNAP Data

Here is the majority of the data collected from the sources above in table form. See the legend below for column labels.

SNAP Eligibility Parameters Legend
State Codes