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Arkansas SNAP Eligibility Information - Oct. 1, 2021 through Sept. 30, 2022

There are three eligibility tests for SNAP: the Gross Income, the Net Income, and the Asset tests. Depending on your state and whether your household has an elderly (over 60) or disabled member, your household may be exempt from the Gross Income, Net Income, and/or Asset tests.

While the Gross Income and Asset tests are straightforward, Net Income is more difficult to calculate. We recommend using our SNAP Eligibility Calculator to see you're income eligible for SNAP benefits.

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Gross Income Limits
Total monthly household income before taxes, including job, self-employment, and other income like social security, disability, child support, worker's comp, unemployment, and pension income.
If Any Household Members are Elderly or Disabled

There is no gross income limit in Arkansas for households with an elderly or disabled member.

All Other Households
  • 1 people
    $1396 / month
  • 2 people
    $1887 / month
  • 3 people
    $2379 / month
  • 4 people
    $2871 / month
  • 5 people
    $3363 / month
  • 6 people
    $3854 / month
  • 7 people
    $4347 / month
  • Each additional person
    +$492 / month
The gross income limit is 130% of the federal poverty level.
Net Income Limits
Gross income minus deductions. At the bottom of the page are some of the expenses that can be deducted to calculate net income. It's difficult to calculate net income without a SNAP calculator as there are additional deductions based on earned income and limits on amount of shelter-related deductions.

SNAP benefit amounts are based on a household's net income: in general $100 more in net income = $30 less in benefits.
  • 1 people
    $1074 / month
  • 2 people
    $1452 / month
  • 3 people
    $1830 / month
  • 4 people
    $2209 / month
  • 5 people
    $2587 / month
  • 6 people
    $2965 / month
  • 7 people
    $3344 / month
  • Each additional person
    +$379 / month
The net income limit is 100% of the federal poverty level.
Asset / Resource Limit
This means countable resources, like funds in bank accounts. A home is not counted as a resource.
  • account_balanceHouseholds with elderly or disabled members
  • account_balanceAll other households
Child Support Payments Treatment
Court ordered child support payments can always be deducted to calculate net income. In some states, it can also be excluded from gross income.

Court ordered child support payments can only be deducted for calculating net income.

Standard Medical Deduction
Monthly out of pocket medical expenses for household members who are age 60 or older or disabled can always be deducted from net income. You can deduct the full amount of expenses with verification, but in some states there is a standard medical deduction that can be used without needing verification.

You can use the standard medical deduction amount of $138 or actual medical expenses minus $35, whichever is higher.

Utility Allowances
Heating and Cooling: If a household pays utility bills for heating and cooling, or receives over $20 in heating assistance from LIHEAP, this deduction amount can be claimed (but no other utility deductions).

  • whatshotHeating And Cooling

In this state you can choose to deduct actual utility expenses.

Phone Allowance
If your household pays a phone bill, you can deduct the associated amount.
  • phonePhone
Other Deductions
Households can deduct the full amount paid for these expenses.
  • child_friendlyDependent care costs (including daycare, babysitters, or other child care)
  • homeMonthly rent or mortgage amount
  • cabinMonthly homeowners insurance and taxes