Resource SNAP Eligibility Flyers

You can use these SNAP eligibility flyers for SNAP outreach. The income limits listed on the flyer reflect the gross income test limits for the majority of households in the state. As noted, higher income limits are available for households with a member who is over 60 years old or has a disability. There may be other eligibility requirements for households, such as an asset or net income test.

These income limits may appear higher than other sources seen online because most states use a policy called Broad-Based Categorical Eligibility to raise the income limits above the federally set limit. Income limits and benefit amounts increase annually on October 1st, so the flyers will be updated then.

State Notes:
∙ In New York, the flyer lists the limits for households with dependent children.
∙ In Alaska, the maximum benefit amounts shown are for households in an urban area.
∙ In DC, the maximum benefit amounts do not include the 10% DC boost.



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Photo by Scott Bauer, USDA Agricultural Research Service.
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