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The goal of this website and SNAP prescreener is to help connect individuals to SNAP benefits and to make SNAP eligibility data more accessible. This website is run by Ben Molin and Andreas Vandris.

We have reviewed SNAP policy manuals from every state in order to build one tool that is accessible nationwide and adaptable to changes in SNAP policy. The calculator supports eligibility screening for the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program, households where some members are not U.S. citizens, benefit changes due to the pandemic, and full Spanish translation. We've also launched medicaidscreener.com, a prescreening tool for Medicaid and CHIP.

The original prototype that this project is based on was created by 18F, a government organization. This project has no affiliation with 18F, instead building on top of the code they started. This website is not affiliated with any government organization or SNAP program. Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Anti-hunger organizations can embed the prescreener on their websites for free. If you have any questions, please send us an email.

This website is supported in part by the Social Safety Net Product Studio, an initiative of Schmidt Futures, bringing technologist entrepreneurs together to improve the accessibility of U.S. government social safety net benefits. We thank Schmidt Futures for their support.

SNAP Eligibility Parameters

Eligibility Parameters
State Codes

SNAP Eligibility Data

List of SNAP eligibility datasets. Some state handbooks and USDA datasets have not been updated for the current year, and some eligibility metrics are only accessible from state handbooks. When data is not available for the current year, previous year's data is used as placeholder.

SNAP Screener Compiled Data

Eligibility paramater rules in a sortable table

BBCE States

USDA compiled list of BBCE States, their Gross Income Limit Factors, Asset Limits, and Asset Exceptions for Households with Elderly or Disabled Members.

State Options Report

USDA compiled list of states' SNAP options, diving into more advanced deductions like child support treatment options and standard medical deductions.

Standard Utility Allowances

USDA compiled list of states' utility deductions.

State SNAP Eligibility Guides

Gross income, net income, and asset limit eligibility information for each state.

Alaska SNAP Alaska WIC
Alabama SNAP Alabama WIC
Arkansas SNAP Arkansas WIC
Arizona SNAP Arizona WIC
California SNAP California WIC
Colorado SNAP Colorado WIC
Connecticut SNAP Connecticut WIC
District of Columbia SNAP District of Columbia WIC
Delaware SNAP Delaware WIC
Florida SNAP Florida WIC
Georgia SNAP Georgia WIC
Guam SNAP Guam WIC
Hawaii SNAP Hawaii WIC
Iowa SNAP Iowa WIC
Idaho SNAP Idaho WIC
Illinois SNAP Illinois WIC
Indiana SNAP Indiana WIC
Kansas SNAP Kansas WIC
Kentucky SNAP Kentucky WIC
Louisiana SNAP Louisiana WIC
Massachusetts SNAP Massachusetts WIC
Maryland SNAP Maryland WIC
Maine SNAP Maine WIC
Michigan SNAP Michigan WIC
Minnesota SNAP Minnesota WIC
Missouri SNAP Missouri WIC
Mississippi SNAP Mississippi WIC
Montana SNAP Montana WIC
North Carolina SNAP North Carolina WIC
North Dakota SNAP North Dakota WIC
Nebraska SNAP Nebraska WIC
New Hampshire SNAP New Hampshire WIC
New Jersey SNAP New Jersey WIC
New Mexico SNAP New Mexico WIC
Nevada SNAP Nevada WIC
New York SNAP New York WIC
Ohio SNAP Ohio WIC
Oklahoma SNAP Oklahoma WIC
Oregon SNAP Oregon WIC
Pennsylvania SNAP Pennsylvania WIC
Rhode Island SNAP Rhode Island WIC
South Carolina SNAP South Carolina WIC
South Dakota SNAP South Dakota WIC
Tennessee SNAP Tennessee WIC
Texas SNAP Texas WIC
Utah SNAP Utah WIC
Virginia SNAP Virginia WIC
Virgin Islands SNAP Virgin Islands WIC
Vermont SNAP Vermont WIC
Washington SNAP Washington WIC
Wisconsin SNAP Wisconsin WIC
West Virginia SNAP West Virginia WIC
Wyoming SNAP Wyoming WIC

SNAP Eligibility Calculator

Find out if you may be eligible for food stamps and an estimated amount of benefits you could receive. This is an unofficial calculator and not an application.

Find Eligibility ➔
This website is not affiliated with any government organizations.

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Embeddable SNAP Prescreener

Place a SNAP eligibility calculator directly on yourwebsite.org/snap as an iFrame.

Quickly Updated
As SNAP eligibility rules change, your prescreener will be updated automatically. You won't need to edit any of the code on your website.
Link to Your Existing Database
Easily set up your hosted prescreener to collect clients' emails and phone numbers, and send all screener data to Google Sheets, Airtable, Salesforce, or hundreds of other applications.
Default to your state's calculator and add your organization's recommended SNAP application and food resource links.
We can tell you exactly how many people you were able to prescreen.

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Eligibility Rules Database

We have compiled the full list of eligibility rules for every state.

State Handbooks
We've found the most up-to-date version of each state's handbook.
Easily compare asset test, gross income, and deduction information between states.

See the 2022 SNAP Eligibility Rules

View Data

State BBCE FPL Factor
True 1.60
True 2.00
False 1.00

Production SNAP Eligibility API

Use the SNAP eligibility rules to build other applications, for example:

Eligibility as a Feature
Offer eligibility screening as an additional service to your existing software products.
Bulk Screening
Screen large client lists at once.
Text Screener
Enable clients to obtain SNAP eligibility information through a SMS bot.

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